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Student Success
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Sunday, September 22, 2013
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*We are here to help your child prepare to be successful, educated adults who are prepared to enter the workforce. I know that may seem strange to you, after all your student is in elementary school, but time passes so quickly. Each year of education builds on the last. Therefore, it is vital that your student do the following:

1. Come to school every day

2. Be on time and ready to learn

3. Do assigned homework immediately

4. Study spelling, vocabulary, or practice math every night (even if homework was not assigned).


6. Have parents who encourage them to do their very best every day (I know you do).

7. Tell you about their day. Please ask them specific questions like, "What did you do in math today?" instead of "What did you do today?" The answer to the second question will always be nothing, even though they worked for 7 hours. 

*** Thank you for your help in making this the best year ever at Hillcrest. 




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